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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need an engineer report. With our first visit, you will be able to know if you have foundation problems or not, where the issue is, what needs to be done and the cost for the repair.

In the case that you DO have an engineer report, email us the report and we base our estimate according to the engineers requirements. That is the best way to go!

Usually when people suspect their property has foundation problems, they contact several different foundation companies to receive an estimate. Most of the time ending up with different work plans, different point of views, and different prices. Therefore, if you contact an INDEPENDENT structural engineer, you will have in your hands exactly what needs to be done with your property. Then you can decide what foundation company does the work for you. 

Unfortunatly we cant, we have to take measurements, and make a drawing of the house making an estimate that we get to you afterwards.


That depends on what engineer you decide to work with, but TFC has an engineer we exclusively work with. Contact us for further information.


No, you do not need to be at the property for the inspection, but we do need access inside the house to fully complete the inspection.


Yes, TFC has a plumbing company we exclusively work with.

Most of our clients think foundation repair costs are extremely high.

But every case is different, every house if different, it all depends on the number of piers or the type of piers the property requires.

The timeline of a foundation repair job depends on the number of piers, and the type of structure.

Typically, one crew can finish 10 piers per day under normal circumstances.   

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