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What is the average cost of foundation repair?


The way we figure out the cost of Home Foundation Repair and Commercial Foundation Repair are similar, and they vary depending on 3 main factors: 

  1. The type of foundation of the property. 

In the Dallas Fort-worth Metroplex area the most common types of foundation are: Pier and Beam, or Concrete Slab Foundation. 

  1. The type of pier(s) being used. 

The most popular types of piers currently used in the industry are Steel Piers, or Concrete Pressed Piers. 

  1. The number of piers needed on the property.

There are also many variants that could happen on a job site. Internal or external piers can be a major variant. Other things like, concrete needing to be broken to install the pier would also be another variant. Even in Pier and Beam foundation repairs, there are some cases where you have to replace the wood in the area of the crawlspace (the beams, joists and plates). 

All these variants can be determined by us TFC Dallas, during a FREE ESTIMATE where we would let you know if your property has foundation issues, or not. This estimate will include the best solution and cost to your foundation repair problem. 

The next best solution to figure out your foundation repair problem, plan and cost, would be to contact an independent engineer firm to set an appointment to visit your property for an engineer report. The engineer report will include the 3 main factors talked about above as well as any other possible variant that needs to be addressed. You can email the engineer report to us to receive the total cost based on the engineers requirements. In our professional opinion, this would be the best way to operate to avoid hassle and foundation repair sellers going to your property receiving different estimates and opinions. 

Here below we have attached the best Engineers in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex.


Free foundation repair estimate

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